Packing & Refund-Policy


As you all already know my packaging is mainly of glass & aluminium of the environment for the sake of. Only unfortunately, with shampoo bottles and deodorant shells it cannot be avoided to date on account of 1) of the quickly distroyed shampoo bottle in the shower or at the sport and unfortunately, 2) deodorant shells are not available yet in another material in addition.

How & when the idea began ? I use for myself since middle of 2015 only glass bottles and have exiled all plastic boxes and plastic dishes and cooking spoons from plastic. Here is it the same principle. Plasticabrasion occure as always and we eat it with the food and with plastic bootles from the cosmetics-product about the skin. Who already read about it and want to know about this procedures learnt also that some chemical materials from a PET-bottles goes also over into the liquids inside and it contains even hormones as some estrogen. >This sounds crazy, right? But it's really true! There are appropriate articles about that and toxicologists can approve this.

In my home will not follow again so much plastic or PET-Bottles. I avoid it where I only am able. No fear, I don't knits up my own clothes till yet but i will take care of some important things in my live and try to avoid some bad stuff to the body & mind to stay healthy and live a long live as much as i can for my lovelys and me.


Please, this follows it with me no right of return gives, because it concerns, on this occasion, hygiene products.

I hope you you enjoyed with your soap & cosmetics product & It can do something good to you and your body & soul.

Your Sabrina