Deodorant, Powder & hard Perfume

Coconut-Beewachs-Stick (Limeflavour)100 gr


Deopowder (Benzoe Siam)


Everything is freshly produced with cosmetics. The durability is as a rule 3-5 months. However, it is nevertheless labeled again. Because I preserve of course and no chemical additions uses I ask to you your bought valuables darkly and chilly to keep. The withdrawal should happen optimum-wise with a spatula. (I offer also under accessories.) If your product should look or smell strange then through it away! Since you do not want to have certainly a rancid Deostick on your skin never mind the smell.

„Please, notes that I am neither a doctor nor beautician. I share merely from myself for myself and my lovely people my favorite thought up recipes which I produce after detailed search of fairly traded products from biological cultivation. Myself, tries out, perhaps improves and finds it good enough to transmit them to enthusiasts and friends.“