I want to Order ? What should i do?

I want to order. What now?

Now you are completely fixed and would like to get hold with pleasure of something of my products for yourself? Then I ask you for the following: Send a mail to me and you will get afterwards a actual-order list to you.

Then you can send to me your order wish with indication of quantity to: verkauf@sabrinas-kraeuterecke.de together with your delivery address.

You will get my bank data with a confirmation mail and the amount to be paid. Then I would ask you to transfer the amount asap. As soon as I get the money I can finish your soap package or begin immediately with the production of your cosmetics and sends to you your little nature-present as a rule, to 2-3 working days after monetary entrance.

In winter my product needs no cooling, nevertheless, in summer I will equip all packages with cooling, because, otherwise, the durability cannot be guaranteed.