Salves & Tinctures

I use many plants, flowers, herbs and roots in my Repertoir in Salves and Tinctures. I am of it the industry persuades us with the help of advertisement and oral propaganda in addition floats to believe you must take an  medicament from the apothecary or you must run do every small minot complaint to the uncle doctor. I'm of the opinion this must not be. From the nature everything infuses itself and produce what you really needs.

There are positive as well as negative properties whi them are worth mentioning. As example there is on our earth some plants who are even toxic, reassuringly, deafening, can work intoxicating and even can killing us. Depending on how the dosage is. One goes of it from such a thing only possibly is with drugs. However, this lies with it least with the subject Homoeopathy and remedial effects of the different plants occupy. One believes just only what one white. So the theory. And already we have landed in the drawer of the commercial industry. And it works perfectly.

I would like to break out of this system. I buy to myself no more aspirin and produce my painkillers of the nature myself. My partner is tormented migraine and he must change something to stop the fact that he destroy on a longer timedistance his own liver & kidney. And Evoila was born the idea with other cures. There are tablets, tea against migraine, the most different Salves and Tinctures which I myself touch and transmit with pleasure to the part small for the time being to you. Anyway my productpalette is still extended. Depending on what who needs actually.

Salves & Balsams

Cold-Balsam  130 g


Cold-Balsam Deluxe 130 gr

Sports-Balsam 100 gr

Universal-antiseptic Salve 100 gr


CalendulaSalve for cracked Skin (Marigold)


Little Swedenbitterly

Swede's herbs, also Swede-bitterly or Swede's herb called, are a kind \"universal remedy \" which have been announced by Maria Treben in general Schwedenkräuter,

In what it helps? 


The Swede's herbs should be applied only wateredly, because purely they would be too strong and would irritate the digestive canal or the treated skin places.

Whether all listed applications also help really, is respectively This is only one listing of some applications which are repeated after the Swede's herbs.


Before to use the Swede's herbs the concerning the skin place should be greases for the protection well. In addition is suited, for example, a marigold salve.

Afterwards one dilutes the Swede's herbs and waters a scarf with it. One lays this scarf as an cover on the skin place to be treated.

Alternatively one can simply also rub the Swede's herbs on greasing. Nevertheless, this looks less strong than an cover, nevertheless, is suited also for placing where covers are badly possible.

Or one prepares to himself a Sweden herb cream. With it one can apply the Swede's herbs comfortably and be of use. The being greasy skin care is included in the cream immediately with.

Areas of Apllication of the swedish-herbs:

  • Injuries
  • Wounds
  • Burns
  • Scar
  • Erruptions
  • Boil
  • Acne
  • Nailbet-Inflammation
  • Bumps
  • Muscle Disortions
  • Tensions
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Dizzinesse
  • Rheumatism
  • Frostbite
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Clavus (undiluted brushing)
  • Warts (undiluted brushing)


Of the sage belongs to the herbs which are home around the Mediterranean, however, with us grow also well. At the right place in the garden plant he grows rampant more than several square metres.

His specialisation is the astringent and antiseptic effect.

Thereby it well works with sore throat and is with pharyngitises of all kind the plant of the choice.

Moreover, of the sage a really sweat-restraining effect has.

Exact has considered to the sage so at varied remedial effects that one can call him rightly almost universal remedy.


(Pictures to the ointments mentioned on top follow step by step)

I hope the Salve, Balm & Tincture helps you and I could do something good to you with it.

Your Sabrina


The durability is as a rule 8-12 months. However, it is neverless still marked. Because of course I preserve no chemical additions uses and I ask to you your bought valuables well to let dry up and not to leave them in the moist. If your product should look or smell strange then through it away! Since you do not want to use certainly a rancid salve or balsam never mind the smell on your skin.

„Please, notes that I am neither a doctor nor beautician. I divide merely from myself for myself and my loves thought up recipes which I produce after detailed investigation of fairly traded products from biological cultivation myself, tries out, perhaps improves and finds it good enough to transmit them to enthusiasts and friends.“