So we would be. As you already know, I am neither a trained beautician nor a medical doctor. I have only read knowledge myself and appropriated and since I have been working for a few years with homeopathy privately and apply straight then if it is not a health well or the immune system strengthened I have considered the times but in a more extensive area also in cosmetics.

There are many different herbs, plants, roots and other on earth. Most of them are normal plants with healing effects. Under these, however, there are also some which are assigned several positively changed properties such as:


  • regenerate
  • upholster, wrinkle reduces
  • cell-regenerative
  • skin-tightening
  • Grain Fading
  • Skin-Clearing
  • Matting
  • Water-Houshold adjusting, satisfies the thirst of dry skin
  • Age Spot Minimising
  • regulate oily skin
  • calming sensitive skin
  • Relieves Neurodermitis

Here you can list and list some more things. The same applies to the incidents in nature, the greater the product range. However, I keep in mind that the substances to be used are sustainably degraded from nature and I do not choose something which is completely overpriced because the resources are simply too small. Usually the choice falls on regional or European active ingredients in my cosmetics. Therefore do not worry about it. I really look to not take exaggerated stuff. Just as an example, I would try to avoid using hyaluron. For it is an acid. And what tells us about acid and skin? 2) It is manufactured artificially. What I would like to avoid in my products.

So who thinks here "Ooooh She makes beauty then there is certainly such things as 1000 years rejuvenating Hyaluronwonderbombs" the one then unfortunately deceived. As I said, I try to use more nature and its positive effects.