Lipcare & Balms

"The produced Beewachs is still in biological Quality and i bought it from an local beekeeper in the near"

Beewax-Berrywaxbalm  (10 gr)

Lanolin-Sheabutter-Balm  (10 gr)

Candelilla-Balm (Vegan)  (10 gr)

Flavour here for Choosing: Honey, Caramell, Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Berry, Watermelon etc.

>>>Pls write this above choosed flavour into your Order, Thanks. <<<

Everything is freshly produced with cosmetics. The shelf life is usually 3-5 months. It is labeled again but nevertheless again. Since I preserve of course and no chemical additives use I ask you to keep your purchased treasures dark and cool. The removal should be done with a spatula. (I also offer under accessories) If your product despite all this once strange or odd smell should and you the whole do not trust immediately away with it! Because you do not want to have a rancid lipbalm with you on the lips & skin let alone smell.

"Please note that I am neither a medical doctor nor a beautician. I only share my recipes for myself and my loved ones, which, after thorough research, I create, try, improve and find good enough to pass them on to interested parties and friends."