Usefull Householdhelper

Wood Balsam

Ideal for all wooden household articles, e.g. Cutting boards, wooden stoves, wooden cutlery or even for the guinea pigs and their little house.  Based on bee wax and neutral oil. Children and pets are welcome. Without toxic substances or mineral oils.

Application: Simply apply with a kitchen towel, leave to work for 30 minutes and then remove the residue with a clean cloth and polish if necessary. Finished!





 The shelf lif is usually 3-5 months. It is labeled again but nevertheless again. Since I of course preserve and no chemical additives use I ask you to let your purchased treasures dry well and not leave in the damp lie. If your product should smell odd or odd in spite of all this and you do not trust the whole thing immediately away with it! For you certainly do not want to use a rancid wooden balm on hour household helmets or the smell.

"Please note that i only share my own recipes for myself and my loved ones, which I make after though research from fair trade products form organic cultivation, try out, possibly improve and find good enough to pass them on to interested and friends."